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H.E. Rashid Bin Aweidha AlQubisi , is the full name of the bin Aweidha Group founder. He is one of Al Qubaisi family which played an active role in the development process of the United Arab Emirates. His Excellency played a substantial role in the UAE history before the Federation. He is one of the well known political and business prominent figures. He accompanied H.H. Late/ Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan in most of his overseas visits to attend the international political and economic meetings and conferences. He was one of the key members of the delegation sent to UK and considered as one of the prominent businessmen in the United Arab Emirates.

H.E. Rashid Bin Aweidha AlQubisi was one of the National Bank of Abu Dhabi founders in 1976 and one of the key founders and shareholders in First Gulf Bank which was established in 1979. He held the position of the Chairman in this Bank since inception in 1979 to 1991 when H.H. Sheikh Tahnoon Bin Zayed Al Nahyan took over as the Chairman.

Officially, he was the first shareholder and holder of the majority of the shares of the Commercial Bank International which was established in 1991. He is also one of the Board members.

He is a shareholder in National Bank of Abu Dhabi and National Bank of Fujairah. In addition to his activity in the banking sector, he is one of the key shareholders in Al Ain Al Ahlia Insurance Company which was established in 1975 and a founder and key shareholder in Al Dhafra Insurance Company.

He also occupied a political position as a member of the National Consultative Council in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Then he joined the National Federal Council and occupied the position of the Senior Deputy Chairman for 25 years.

He is a founding member for more than 25 year at the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry, which was established in 1966. He held the membership at the Municipal Councils for 17 years where he was a member of Abu Dhabi Municipal Council, established in 1967 and a member of Al Ain Municipality Council, established in 1968. H.E. Rashid Bin Awaidah Al Qubaisi is considered as one of the prominent businessmen in the United Arab Emirates. He attained commercial agencies from international major companies. He owns number of companies engaged in the field of contracting, oilfield services, aviation, trade, roads, buildings printing, publishing, etc…

General Manager

Our GM, Mr. Mohammad Ateeq Al Hameli characterized as a highly responsible, valuable, flexible, confident and capable person in taking charge of the group. His philosophy has been motivated by the chairman’s vision to lead all the companies and establishments of the Group towards thriving future under one umbrella. To achieve the set vision, He believes that the manpower is the main concern in business development so He keeps putting all the efforts to improve staff qualifications by motivation and training.

He is collaborated with the management team to reorganize and systemize the entire group of companies and establishments in such manner so as to optimize the return on investment using current and futuristic technology to meet our customer’s satisfaction in all our services.